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Customer Measured Quality is the Most Important Quality.

The contact centre has many ways of evaluating the performance and quality of its agents; the most important and truly objective of these is quality measurements from the customer. Ultimately the customer wields the purchasing power and is the arbiter of whether he or she perceives the quality of service to be poor or outstanding. That’s where Aspect EQ Surveys come in. Aspect EQ Surveys uses the context of each customer interaction to create dynamic surveys that require minimal customer time, yet get at the issues that really matter to your enterprise.

Aspect EQ Surveys integrates closely with the other components of the Aspect EQ WFO portfolio to provide comprehensive insight into the customer’s viewpoint. By collecting this all important information, the Aspect EQ solution offers you a truly balanced view of agent quality including self- scored quality, mentor-scored quality and customer-scored quality. Aspect EQ Surveys gathers customer feedback in real-time so you get the customer’s opinion when they are still focused on the experience.


Aspect EQ Surveys sports the following features:

  • After the call, an email link is provided to the customer so he or she can just click and go right to the on-line survey.
  • Integrated customer surveys obtain feedback on customer interactions. Feedback from these surveys can be attached directly to the interaction on which it was based, so that specific performance improvements can be quickly addressed.
  • Implement survey best practices including Customer Effort, Customer Satisfaction or NPS to determine how agents are being perceived by customers and whether your brand is everything you want it to be
  • Ensure that your hypotheses about quality are statistically significant before taking sweeping actions that can affect many agents
  • Improve customer measured quality to ensure better FCR, fewer escalations and generally improved loyalty and NPS scores