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  • "Our trading floor solution better enables us to meet and exceed our customer needs and gives us much more flexible voice connectivity on the...
    Head of Treasury
    Leading Local Bank
  • "My operators face the rigorous demans of monitoring multiple complex systems and information in a 24/7 environment. Rashed Al Makhawi...
    Head of Control Room Operations
    Public Safety Organisation
  • "Working with Rashed Al Makhawi Enterprises has been a pleasure. There are very few companies out there who really mean 'round-the-clock-...
    Head of IT
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Retail Branch Automation

For the retail banking spectrum we specialise in offering the latest in cashmanagement solutions, digital signage solutions and workforce optimisation solutions that have built on expert planning and knowledge designed to optimise your staff productivity while maintaining full security and compliance with banking regulatory requirements. 
A key area of concern in branch banking is the increasing volumes of cash that is required to be managed. This represents a significant management challenge in terms of both cost and resource optimization. This is especially important in this region due to the large number of cash based transactions that still take place within the trading community
Every bank branch is unique and has its own specific requirements. The key is to understand and map an individual bank's and branch's cash management needs. Our experience, field skills, technology and industry knowledge helps in conducting a full analysis of your requirements that leads to delivery of a value proposition and compelling business case in order to achieve agreed commercial, operational and financial goals. We aim to create a customer friendly environment while helping you meet higher levels of operational efficiency and business intelligence in fields of cash management. 
Teller Cash Recyclers offer real business benefit at multiple levels and provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to address the demands of the customer, the teller and improvements in branch efficiency. Placed close to the teller desk this solution enables the teller to automate their workflow with deployment flexibility designed into the solution, virtually eliminating start-of-the-day and end-of-the-day set up activities, and providing a consolidated view of the branch cash holding at any given time. It also reduces monotonous and repetitive tasks with advanced authentication and optional fitness sorting capabilities, ensuring a robust first line of defense for the bank branch. The most significant advantage is that it provides a fast, efficient service for customers with fewer queues and a more personalized service that only a fully supported and attentive teller can provide.
Bulk Deposit Machines are the ideal solution for back office deposit for retailers, and for banks and CIT companies to provide better and more secure service to retailers, including convenience stores, supermarkets and gas stations. Equipped with state of the art technologies like banknote validation, sorting and serial number tracking this solution is designed to offer a 100 percent transparency in cash handling.