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Proactive Compliance

Identify and prevent fraud, mitigate risk, and enhance compliance

Organizations have always been challenged to protect their assets and confidential information from theft and unauthorised use. However, as technology grows more sophisticated, so do the fraudsters and thieves who manipulate these resources to achieve personal gain, conduct illicit activities, and circumvent the law.
We offer a variety of solutions to help organizations deter fraud, mitigate risk, and enhance compliance with legal, regulatory, and internal requirements, as well as industry best practices. Our solutions can analyse unstructured data to help organizations monitor their premises to detect unauthorised personnel and suspicious behaviour; protect and/or limit employee access to sensitive information; capture and analyse customer and employee interactions for sales verification and compliance purposes; deter fraudulent calls in financial services contact centres; and provide insight into business processes and activities taking place on the employee desktop.
The solution portfolio of fraud, risk, and compliance solutions includes:
  • Video management solutions to combat theft and fraud in retail stores, banks, and at automated teller machines (ATMs). For retailers, understanding the factors that influence their operations can make a critical difference in the success of loss prevention programmes. Information, such as point-of-sale (POS) data, can play a major role in that analysis. It can link recorded video with internal POS systems to understand data and quickly recall details for investigative purposes. Verint also offers powerful third-party integrations such as EAS and RFID sensor data capture, integrating associated video based on locations of the alarms. For financial institutions, criminal and fraud activity-as well as evolving customer behaviour and expectations for data confidentiality-can pose formidable challenges. This has led many institutions to rely on video surveillance systems to help reduce the costly effects of fraud while optimizing safety. Verint's advanced investigation tools include face detection, license plate recognition, and a variety of surveillance analytics for use inside and outside financial and other facilities. Specifically designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations in corporate command, control and communications environments, Verint solutions include video wall support and a mobile application to provide advanced video viewing that helps create new levels of situation awareness.
  • Voice biometrics to deter telephony fraud in contact centres. The software can profile and recognise the unique vocal characteristics, or "voiceprints," of callers and match them against a database of voiceprints of known fraudsters. When a match is detected, the solution can notify the agent and/or fraud management system. Going further still, Verint solutions can combine voice biometrics with predictive analytics to factor in call metadata, account history, and signal analysis to provide high levels of accuracy, even across large volumes of calls. It can also discourage fraudsters from making repeat attacks.
  • Data fraud and regulatory compliance detection for financial institutions. The technology can help investigators detect potential fraud and non-compliant behaviours through the use of recorded interaction playback, recorded screen playback, desktop analytics, and recorded video playback. By leveraging these solutions, institutions can reduce risk by identifying and correcting employee activities that do not comply with organizational processes or industry standards and regulations.
  • Voice recording and analytics to help ensure compliance in trading floor and other business environments. The solutions can capture, share, and store recordings on a single platform with a single user interface, providing an enterprise compliance recording solution that works across trading floor, branch office, and back-office operations. Encryption protects data when recorded, in transit, and archived, and an optional key management system enables trading rooms to store, move, and archive encrypted data while protecting it from unauthorised access.
  • Data privacy solutions to help ensure compliance in contact centres. It provides organizations with a proven means to monitor, record, review, and analyse interactions in traditional contact centres and other customer interaction channels across the enterprise. Our solutions can provide the ability to start and stop recording to prevent the capture of sensitive data, as well as to encrypt data when it is recorded, in transit, or archived. Optional key management helps extend this layer of protection.

Financial services, retail, and other organizations around the world rely on these solutions to help them identify suspicious patterns, improve investigation tools, and enhance compliance.