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Closing the door of room for error

Closing the door of room for error

A drift in technology opened doors for cost-effective communication and this in turn spearheaded the increased usage of phones. With this increase in telephony usage and users, companies were thrown into the predicament of surmounting carrier bills and minimal proof to ensure that:

  • The carrier provider was charging you correctly.
  • Employees were not taking advantage of their benefits.

Verifying each user’s phone usage and comparing that against the carrier bill is a necessary evil and a very tiresome job for the finance & admin departments. The carrier bills remain a myth for many companies and more often than not, companies just blindly settle all bills that are received resulting in many hundreds of thousands in loss of revenue each year.

Defining employee benefits is a hard task and many companies end up providing full-fledged access to its employees in terms of phone call limits and often organizations fail to look at its negative impact on productivity.

In order to address this specific challenge, CTI group designed the Proteus solution that provides a detailed insight into the company’s voice system. Here, one of the biggest advantages is that you have the option to compare different carriers and choose the most cost effective provider for your business needs. You can also check for barely used trunk lines and reduce line rental costs. This is especially important for trading floors and brokerages where thousands are spent on a monthly basis for such special lines.

It has been proved from studies conducted by CTI group that by notifying users about calls via reports, the amount of phone usage drops by 15 -20% which indirectly increases employee’s productivity.

Definitely something to consider in these times when businesses are on the lookout to reduce their operational costs.