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  • "Our trading floor solution better enables us to meet and exceed our customer needs and gives us much more flexible voice connectivity on the...
    Head of Treasury
    Leading Local Bank
  • "My operators face the rigorous demans of monitoring multiple complex systems and information in a 24/7 environment. Rashed Al Makhawi...
    Head of Control Room Operations
    Public Safety Organisation
  • "Working with Rashed Al Makhawi Enterprises has been a pleasure. There are very few companies out there who really mean 'round-the-clock-...
    Head of IT
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Automatic Call Distribution & Dialers

Strategic, whole system automation
  • Apply automation to the entire inbound customer interaction – from self-service, to contact routing, to agent skill selection, to contact recording and post-inquiry surveys
  • Add ACD system routing to increase efficiency and productivity while engaging customers
Inbound ACD Routing
  • Intelligently use CD systems to route contacts based on the dialed number (DNIS) or calling party identification (ANI) for calls and available agents, customer profiles, service levels or other user-defined business rules
  • Easily apply inbound automatic call distribution routing for all contact types, including voice, email, chat, IM, social and SMS
  • Manage overflow routing, contact re-routing based on queue statistics, abandoned contact recuperation and multi-site routing
Skills-based ACD Routing
  • Simplify administration and increase agent productivity, while providing a consistent, optimal customer experience
  • Match the most appropriate agent to each contact
  • Send returning customers to the same agent that who handled the original interaction Dynamic Inbound ACD Routing
  • Automatically select the most qualified resource to handle customer inquiries by aligning skill requirements and work types with real-time system conditions
  • Utilize resources flexibly and effectively by leveraging self-service capabilities and skills-based agent routing with ACD systems
  • Blend resources easily between contact handling in different lines of business or contact types
Contextual Enterprise ACD Routing
  • Centralize contact distribution strategies to create a virtual queue across a network of systems and agents – no matter where they are located
  • Coordinate skills and work types with real-time system conditions to automatically select the most appropriate resource to handle a customer inquiry
  • Realize the power of enterprise-wide, skills-based routing
  • Maintain a consistent customer experience with centralized business rules, accessible from anywhere
Predictive Dialer
The solution also offers a predictive dialer system has helped thousands of companies around the world increase productivity, raise customer satisfaction and improve profits from collections, service or sales efforts. It delivers an enterprise-level outbound solution that drives automated, high-touch multichannel campaigns through voice, email or SMS. This gets critical information to the right people, at the right time, through the right medium. Using sophisticated algorithms, the predictive dialer determines the optimal pacing for outbound calls. The auto dialer system also allows you to easily manage Do Not Call lists, time zones, external table dialing and dynamic filtering, and offers deployment options so you can choose how to address regulations that prohibit auto dialers and predictive dialing so you can go about your business with confidence.
This outbound predictive dialer functionality allows you to:
  • Deliver a message when a phone is answered, automatically respond to anticipated follow-up questions and route the customer to a live agent when they request it
  • Fully integrate email and SMS management to send, receive, route and provide auto-responses automatically or have agents preview responses before replies are sent
  • Automatically feed records into the system and deliver contact outcomes to your CRM application using exclusion management, scheduled recalls and campaign strategies
  • Choose multiple options, including automated, manual, blaster, preview, precision and predictive dialing
  • Manage call pacing and regulation compliance
  • Ensure accurate voice, fax, modem, pager or answering machine detection
  • Use advanced pacing functionality to manage proactive customer contact initiatives and high-volume campaigns
  • Allow agents to preview outbound records before automatically placing a call
  • Use business rules and records to decide how customers are contacted (voice, text, email, etc.)
  • Leverage agent-initiated outbound dialing without any telephony, in cases where regulations prevent auto dialers and predictive dialing