Tripleplay has been operating for over a decade in the digital media marketplace. Working across the globe via our own strategic locations and through our Authorized Partner Program, Tripleplay has grown to become one of the world’s leaders in the development and provision of digital signage, IPTV, video on demand and mobile device streaming software solutions.

With a worldwide network of partners and blue chip customers on every continent, Tripleplay has built up a global reputation for quality and market leadership. As a result, we now have active offices and representatives located in the USA, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Turkey and the UK.

Providing software solutions into all types of public and private sector organizations, Tripleplay has a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist any organization find a solution to their digital signage, IPTV, video on demand and mobile streaming needs.

Tripleplay’s core software solutions are TripleTV - a HD IPTV solution, TripleVOD - a video on demand streaming solution, TripleSign - a world-class server-based digital signage system and TripleStream - a mobile device streaming application. All of our solutions operate from a single server, enabling seamless integration between all services.

Adding to this a wide range of enhancements and management tools, our digital signage, IPTV and VOD solutions can be tailored to meet all needs.

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